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Elk City Public Schools, in partnership with Oklahoma GEAR UP, continues to celebrate ongoing success in helping students and families prepare for college. Elk City works directly with GEAR UP to provide early intervention services and strategies for approximately 840 students in grades seven through 12. GEAR UP activities with Elk City include administrator and teacher training in school leadership, school data analysis and planning, advanced science, math and English teaching strategies, creating a college going culture, counseling for college readiness and more. Students and their families receive information on college planning and how to apply for financial aid.

Elk City Superintendent Buddy Wood was chosen to take part in the National Council for Community and Education Partnerships Administrators yearlong academy. More than 60 students toured a college campus to learn about college programs and life on campus. A total of 90 high school seniors participated in College App Week last November, resulting in 139 completed college applications with the assistance of onsite college mentors. A group of parents from Elk City participated in the GEAR UP Parent Leadership Academy designed to equip parents as leaders and advocates for their school. The PLA team was awarded $11,000 in partnership support funds for the GEAR UP for Math on Wheels project, which purchased an iPad lab for junior high students to help increase math scores and allow teachers to incorporate more classroom strategies. Three students participated in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) institute at Connors State College in Warner. Freshman students participated in a rookie camp for new high school students designed to start students off on the right track in their new school setting.


  • elk city college application week

    Elk City parents receive a certificate for their participation in the Parent Leadership Academy.

  • elk city college application week

    Two students from Elk City High School recently participated in a weeklong summer leadership program, GEAR UP University Wilderness Adventure at Connors State College in Warner. Participants included: Haley Lawrence and Alexis Shawn. Sponsored by Oklahoma GEAR UP, the leadership and academic program offered students an opportunity to develop leadership skills while improving their math and science abilities using exciting exploratory technologies.

  • elk city college app week

    Elk City High School Seniors participate in College App Week 2012.

  • Elk City teachers and administrators attended the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference.

    Elk City teachers and administrators attended the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference.


Local GEAR UP Contacts

Tammy Russell, GEAR UP Site Coordinator
Elk City Middle School

Lynne Walker, Education Specialist
Oklahoma GEAR UP

Kristi Allison, Communications Specialist
Oklahoma GEAR UP

Lauren Shelton, GEAR UP Site Coordinator
Elk City Middle School

Maurice "Moe" Walton, GEAR UP Campus Liasion
Western Oklahoma State College