class of 2014

Project descriptions for the Oklahoma GEAR UP Parent Leadership Academy Class of 2014.

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caney valley school logo

Caney Valley Public Schools

Caney Valley High School’s project, "CV P.R.I.D.E.: Parents/Pupils Responsibly Involved Driving Excellence," focused on improving college-going rates and school culture. Project activities included working with students to positively impact the school culture and strengthening student leadership and community participation and relations. CV PRIDE included mentoring activities for students, interactive parent and community meetings to educate the public on school initiatives, testing, and parent participation opportunities. Community funds raised were used to improve school culture and appearance. Caney Valley received $8,000 in matching grant funds. Caney Valley PLA Team Members: Kay Brooks, Angela Hayes, Bridgette Nichols

Elk City School Logo

Elk City Intermediate High School

Building Better Student with E.L.K.S. (Encouraging Learning with Kinesthetic Intelligence and Smart Study) Elk City Intermediate High School’s project focused on math and science. The PLA team worked to increase student math grades as well as create a positive learning atmosphere through a number of fun-inspired activities for math and science. In conjunction with community funds, Chrome books were purchased to aid math and science instruction. Students have access to an online component of their textbooks for additional assistance. The PLA team involved more parents as they assist in the planning of College Day and Rookie Camps for the school. Parent information sessions were held at a various school activities to build better community support for project goals. The PLA team in conjunction with the school district and community support were able to refurbish the science lab and make it useable for hands-on scientific experiments. Elk City received $7,500 in community support. Elk City PLA Team Members: Tomara Armstrong, Parla Fletcher, Sonya Lasater

Hobart School Logo

Guymon Public Schools

Guymon Junior High School Math Lab Guymon Junior High School Math Lab project focused on increasing Math scores at Guymon Central Junior High School. The project targets students with the most need and gives them intense tutoring to improve test scores. The PLA acquired a room that offers students a welcoming and friendly place to study and get assistance in math. The team has coordinated with master teachers to provide the tutoring. Additional community funds were raised to help with the renovation of the tutoring space. Guymon received $18,514.29 in community support. Guymon Team Members: Marilyn Arledge, Libby Malkuch, Adriana Marquez

Little axe school logo

Little Axe Middle School

Little Axe Middle School’s Raise The Score project focused on raising math and science scores as well as giving the student experience in public speaking. The PLA team purchased interactive classroom slates to use with math and science instruction. Math and science teachers were given additional professional development to improve classroom instruction. The journalism department facilitated and developed school newsletters, podcasts, and announcements for students to deliver information regarding school and community activities. Additional community funds were used to purchase video equipment. The PLA team helped facilitate Homework Help Night during PTO meetings for parents and students throughout the school year. Little Axe Middle School received $3,092.007 in community support. Little Axe Middle School PLA Team Members: Jennifer Jennings, Kristen Nehl, Angela Smith

Little axe school logo

Little Axe High School

Little Axe High School’s Raise the Scores project proposed to raise the high school ACT score 3% by 2015. The PLA team project provided additional test prep activities for seniors as well as provide ACT test reimbursement for students that need it. Additional community funds raised made updates to the science lab. Little Axe High School received $3,092.50 in community support. Little Axe High School PLA Team Members: Shandelle Self, Tina Collie, Tammy Smith.

Stilwell school logo

Stilwell High School

Stilwell High School's "Raising Scores" project worked to increase the high schools’ ACT composite score average to meet or exceed the state’s average. The project provided additional ACT strategies for 10th -12th grade students and teachers will be given strategies for teaching to ACT standards. ACT awareness activities were planned for parents and middle school students. Classroom instructional materials were purchased for the English, math and science departments. Additional community funds raised purchased whiteboards for the English Classrooms. Stilwell High School’s PLA team received $11,000 in community support. Stilwell High School PLA Team Members: Noreen Gregory, Pam Carson, DaLana Inman

stilwell school logo

Stilwell Middle School

Stilwell’s "Soft Seven Saves Stilwell Schools" project worked to improve math scores of students at Stilwell Middle School. Together with local funds raised by the PLA, a mobile Math Lab was used with classroom instruction as well as new software was installed in the computer lab to help students improve math skills. Teachers are able to track student progress through the software as well. Community funds also provide tutors and incentives for students to reach milestones. Stilwell Middle School received $8,112.50 in community support. Stilwell Middle School PLA Team Members: Frances Essary, James Essary, John Radtke, Joyce Radtke

tecumseh school logo

Tecumseh High School

Tecumseh High School's "Literacy Project," partnered with the local Friends of the Library to increase the number of students meeting ACT reading benchmarks. Tecumseh High School started a book club that involves the entire school. Students are able to check out selected books and e-readers from the library, as well as download books to their own devices. Students come together for discussions and fun activities associated with each book read during the book club. Tecumseh PLA Team Members: Rebecka Axton, Cassie Jones, Wendy Rogers,.

woodward school logo

Woodward Middle School

Woodward Middle School’s project, "Lead the Way," focused on increasing student and community engagement in an effort to increase the college going rate and decrease the remediation in math for students. The PLA group provided training for teachers to increase student involvement in STEM-related classes through robotics teams. The group reached out to community leaders with several events, including a charity dinner to raise additional money for their project. They also sponsored the August Woodward Chamber of Commerce luncheon where they had an opportunity to discuss their project with more than 100 participants. The Woodward PLA group hosted their first Lunch with the Leaders in November with over 25 community leaders in attendance. They plan to continue this initiative to match students with community mentors. The Woodward PLA team received $7,400 in community support. Woodward PLA Team Members: Caryl Parsons, Russell Sears, Krista Yadon,