GU College Coaches

GEAR UP College Coaches

Our GEAR UP College Coaches can be found at college campuses around the state or you might see them at your local school as well.

Their mission is to help all GEAR UP students transition smoothly to college. They also help college freshmen and families from GEAR UP schools with questions, information and the how-to on getting started at college.

Doug Cardy headshot

Douglas Cardy

East Central University, Ada


Sarah Adcock

Sarah Adcock

Rogers State University, Claremore



College Coaching

Thanks to OK GEAR, scheduled monthly one-on-one coaching sessions are offered for your personal development and success during your first year of college. These meetings take place in person, over the phone, or virtually. Students can reach out at any time for support. Their college coach is here to help them be successful and achieve your goals. There is no cost to students!

Get The Most Out of College

College coaching can benefit all types of students and is FREE. Working with a coach can help you become better at what you want to do, in and out of the classroom. A college coach can help you get the most out of college, plan your career path, and finish on time.

Some Topics Covered

Campus resources

Transitioning to college

College success

Planning and goal setting

Health and wellness

Time and money management