Financial Planning Countdown: Our Top 3 College Scholarship Databases

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Looking for scholarships for higher education can be daunting. Hundreds of sites and opportunities are available to many students, but which ones are right for you? GEAR UP is here to help make that search easier. Applying for scholarships now helps with financial planning later, and you can increase your chances of landing great scholarships by applying early and often. Check out these free resources we’ve vetted specifically for GEAR UP students and start applying today. has a database of more than 20,000 local, state and national scholarships to apply for. Get started by creating an account and building a profile to tailor results to your specific needs and criteria. After you’ve created an account, you’ll have access to new and saved resources anywhere anytime, so you always can pick up where you left off. Check out the Scholarships page with resources specific to the state of Oklahoma and sign up to receive monthly emails with scholarships that match your profile, so you can get the most out of your search. is one of the world’s largest scholarship databases with more than one million college scholarships available. Like most sites, you’ll have to create an account or profile to get customized scholarship matches and recommendations based on the information provided. At Fastweb, you can filter scholarship results by merit, minority, grade level, state and more. After you create an account, log in daily to view your newest matches along with the scholarship opportunities you should apply for first. hosts regular contests on a weekly and monthly basis, so there’s always an opportunity to win money for future schooling. Visit their featured scholarships page for an overview of quick and easy-application scholarships each month. is another great site for finding scholarship opportunities and has been featured by Forbes, Money, CNN and other publications. After creating an account, you’ll gain access to their scholarship database where you can filter matches by dollar amount or due date. Additionally, you’ll find a list of scholarship options toward the bottom of the homepage that allow you to browse scholarships by type, race, veteran status, sports and activities, academics and more. Check out their scholarship directory to help save time while sorting through potential options.


Higher education is an investment, and GEAR UP is here to help you ensure that you have resources to all the funding available for your learning journey. Resources for finding grants and scholarships for higher education, or more information about financial aid in general, can be found on Oklahoma GEAR UP’s Financial Aid page.