Rookie Camps

Rookie Camps

Rookie (or Transition) Camps for ninth graders entering high schools are designed to prepare freshman for the high school experience by helping students and parents feel comfortable and acquainted with the faculty, staff and facilities. Rookie Camps will set the stage for freshman students as continue to work with the GEAR UP schools to create an environment that motivates students to succeed while engaging parents in their child’s education.

Get Started

Months may change depending on when schools choose to host their Rookie Camp (some school choose fall; other spring).


  • Form a committee include your GEAR UP Rep., parents, students and community members and secure summer communication info
  • Set Rookie Camp date for August event
  • Secure a site for the event
  • Secure juniors to serve as hosts for the event as seniors
  • Secure student hosts cell phone numbers to ensure contact over the summer Secure band, cheerleaders, mascot, etc. to attend event, if applicable
  • Plan theme for the event
  • Assign duties and responsibilities to committee members
  • Contact student organization sponsors and arrange for representation at the event
  • Contact community organizations and arrange for representation at the event
  • Determine teacher roles and assign responsibilities
  • Determine parent activities and assign responsibilities


  • Create flyers for the event and send home with students prior to the last day of school (by June 1)
  • Book speaker/trainer and secure contract (by June 1)
  • Create posters and hang around the community
  • Create postcard for the event for parents
  • Secure door prizes for the event through community donations
  • Subcommittee meets to organize event skit, if applicable
  • Create map of high school and get copies made
  • Post event on your school website, Facebook page, Twitter, and School Connect


  • Set up Requisition and Purchase Order for food
  • Set up Requisition and Purchase Order for speaker
  • Set up Requisition and Purchase Order for supplies and materials
  • Order food from vendor
  • Order student agendas and student handbooks
  • Mail parent postcards to advertise the event
  • Hang posters around town
  • Put article in paper about the event
  • Create a high school scavenger hunt for students
  • Create handouts for event
  • Create event banner for the day
  • Create event schedule for the day
  • Practice skit and secure costumes
  • Arrange for college student to meet with freshmen on the day of the event
  • Ensure parent activities are complete and ready
  • Send out board member invitations


  • Print agendas for event
  • Pick up food for the event
  • Pick up door prizes
  • Make copies of handouts
  • Have dress rehearsal of skit
  • Visit local churches and have event announced in church bulletins
  • Contact school and community organizations and confirm attendance at the event
  • Mail all guest speakers schedule of events & logistics
  • Mail all teachers their assignments and duties for the event
  • Set up tables at the event for all organizations
  • Send student hosts a text reminder of the event
  • Host “student host” training
  • Purchase decorations and other necessary supplies
  • Decorate for the event
  • Secure student agendas and student handbooks

Questions? Call the Student Hotline.