An Unmissable Experience: Why College Orientation Should Always Be a Priority 

As you prepare for the exciting journey into higher education, there’s one event you absolutely should not miss: college orientation. These programs are designed to help you adjust to the college environment. Usually taking place a week or two before the start of the academic year, orientation offers access to essential information, resources and support as you transition to college.  

Community Connections 

College orientation involves other students at similar stages in life and provides a place for you to bond, build connections and get involved with organizations on your campus from the very start. Friendships forged during orientation can last a lifetime. This is your chance to meet like-minded peers, connect with faculty and establish a support network. A familiar, friendly face can make all the difference when you’re navigating this exciting new chapter in your life. 

Academic Guidance 

Not only will you be introduced to the facilities and services the campus offers, but you will also meet advisors, professors and other faculty who can answer questions and help prepare you for the start of your classes. College orientation often includes academic advising sessions where you can get personalized guidance on choosing courses, understanding degree requirements and setting yourself up for success.  

Jumpstart to a Positive Outcome 

For many schools, college orientation is required, but even if it’s optional, you should consider attending. Orientation is a fun opportunity to connect with the college community, start building important relationships and understand the resources available to you as a student. Attending orientation will help you get ahead and positively impact your time in college.  

Orientation Reimbursement 

If you are interested in attending an orientation, GEAR UP is here to help! We will reimburse the cost of college orientation for eligible students who will graduate from one of the 10 designated GEAR UP school districts and are planning to attend a college in Oklahoma. The deadline to register for orientation reimbursement is September 1, 2024. Learn more about reimbursement eligibility and register today

Reach out to the GEAR Up staff with any questions about college orientation. 
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