Why You Should Take The ACT Even If It Isn’t Required

person taking test at desk

Although it has become more common for schools to waive their ACT ® and SAT ® requirements in recent years, there are still many advantages of taking these standardized tests.

The ACT test is more than an admissions exam. It measures a student’s readiness for college and provides colleges with the data needed for recruitment, advisement, placement and retention. With the ACT test, students can make themselves visible to colleges and scholarship agencies across the country, including all Ivy League schools.

Did you know students can retake parts of the ACT they didn’t score high on? In fact, if you take the ACT more than once, you can select which results you’d like to send to up to four schools of your choice for free. Additionally, students who complete the ACT receive a comprehensive profile and an education/career planning section to help them plan for life after high school.

Taking the ACT or SAT test can help students:

  • Satisfy high school graduation requirements
  • Obtain scholarships
  • Gauge college readiness
  • Get placed in the right classes/levels of classes
  • Qualify students for specific programs (ex: Nursing or Engineering)
  • Boost the student’s application and secure admission
  • Change decisions on colleges seamlessly by simply using their existing ACT Test score

Preparing for college is a big deal and the ACT test offers a complete package of services to help you prepare for life beyond high school. If you or your student is a junior in high school, let GEAR UP help you get prepared for the ACT. Contact your student’s school counselor or GEAR UP school specialist to ensure your student is enrolled in our ACT® Online Prep, an engaging test prep resource that provides students with a personalized learning path for test success.