Rising seniors: Make the most of your summer!

Female high school student working at a laptop during summer.


Give yourself an easier senior year by checking these things off your list now.

Summer is almost here, and your senior year is just around the corner! The summer before your senior year is a perfect time to get ahead on college prep. By taking full advantage of your extra time this summer, you can keep your senior year more stress-free. Here’s what your GEAR UP specialists recommend:  

Take the ACT 

If you have not yet taken the ACT, summer is perfect to dedicate time to test prep! Register by May 5 for the June 10 test or register by June 16 for the July 15 test. Also, if you have already taken the test, summer is a great time to study up and retake for an improved score. Prepping has proven to increase scores, and about 7 hours of prep time is what we recommend.

Visit a College 

Take the time to visit college campuses to find the best fit for you! Seeing a campus in-person, and meeting students and professors, is the best way to pick a college that suits you. Check out our college visits webpage for more information and to explore schools in Oklahoma.  

Write a College Application Essay  

If you do any of these summer tasks, make it this one! Writing an excellent college essay takes thoughtful brainstorming, time and multiple revisions. With your school workload removed, you can devote your full focus to writing a great essay. Read OKcollegestart.org’s tips for writing college essays!  

Fill Out a College Application 

Most Oklahoma colleges and universities start accepting applications in July and August! If you’re focused and motivated, you could finish your college applications before your first day of school and not have to think about them during your senior year. Check out GEAR UP’s resources for applying to college. 

Apply for a Scholarship  

Some scholarships have early deadlines, so the earlier you can apply, the better. Find scholarships that fit your interests and background, make a submission schedule and start applying! Check out our blog for the top websites to search for scholarships. 

Get Your FSA ID 

Even though the deadline to complete the FAFSA is a long way off, it’s not too early to take this critical step. Getting your FSA ID is the first part of completing the FAFSA, and filling out the FAFSA is required to qualify for financial aid and scholarships. Visit StudentAid.gov to get started! 


If you need support this summer or have any questions, your school specialist is here to help. Call or email them today and have a fun and productive summer!