Understanding Your Student’s ACT Test Scores

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After taking the ACT, your student may find themselves deciding between several options. Our GEAR UP School Specialists have assembled some valuable information to help you and your student interpret their score, decide whether or not they should retake the test and maximize their potential for success during the college application process. Congratulations on an enormous achievement – let GEAR UP help you and your student decide what’s next!


What is a “good” ACT score?

The highest possible score on the ACT is 36 and the current average is 21. With a higher score, students often have more options for college available to them. Scores below 15 are considered low at almost any four-year college. With an outstanding GPA or college application, your student can overcome having a low score but the school may require remedial courses before enrolling. A “good” score on the ACT is the score your student needs to get into the colleges of their choice. Check out the score ranges for the schools on their list and determine how your student’s scores compare.


Should your student retake the ACT?

Before your student retakes the ACT test, determine their target score. The best way to determine their target score is by determining their target school and reviewing required scores on any scholarships for which they plan to apply. Remember, your student can take the ACT test as many times as they need. If improvement is needed after a few retakes, it may be time to try a new ACT prep method.

View the national ACT test dates here.


Online ACT Test Prep

GEAR UP is currently offering EdReady ACT Prep to high school juniors in all 10 of our GEAR UP school districts. EdReady ACT prep is a FREE web-based test prep platform that will allow students to complete lessons at their own pace. Students will have the flexibility to prepare for the ACT any time and any place. Read more about GEAR UPs Online ACT Test Prep.


Who to call for more information?

Our GEAR UP School Specialists are here to help. They can help your student enroll in online test prep, help them set target scores and offer advice on next steps for ACT. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

If your student is satisfied with their score and ready to apply for colleges, check out our latest blog, FAFSA 101, to ensure you’re prepared every step of the way.