Making the Most of Your Summer: A Guide for High School Students

Summer break is a great time to have some fun in the sun, but this time off also presents an incredible opportunity to get ahead on your college journey. Whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, there are steps you can take to make the most of your summer and set yourself up for success as you prep for college.  

Prepare for the ACT 

If you are a rising junior or senior, dedicating some prep time for the ACT can be a valuable way to spend your summer. We recommend spending around seven hours total reviewing material and practicing test taking strategies—that’s just one hour a day for a week! Check out GEAR UP’s free ACT prep course online today.  

Research Scholarship Opportunities 

Summer can be a great time to take a closer look at requirements for scholarship opportunities. Check out our recommended scholarship database for a comprehensive list. You may find it helpful to make note of what courses you need to take or activities to get involved in to be qualified for certain scholarships. Don’t forget to check deadlines for applications and eligibility! Keep in mind, the deadline for Oklahoma’s Promise is July 1, 2024.  

Connect with Colleges 

Many colleges and organizations offer workshops and events during the summer months. These events can provide valuable insights and resources to help you navigate the college application process, as well as get your feet on the ground at some of your desired schools. Even if your college of choice is not offering an event, you can schedule a visit or tour of the campus to get a sense of what it’s like and ask any questions you may have.  

Ask GEAR UP for Help 

You can make real progress this summer, and GEAR UP is here to help! Choose activities that align with your goals and interests and focus on making steady progress. Wondering where to start? Meet with your GEAR UP staff to plan for your summer! 

Take online ACT Prep at your own pace. 
Reach out to GEAR Up staff with any questions about summer prep.  
Rising seniors: Check out our blog with other ways to make the most of your summer.  
Listen to GEAR UP’s Higher Ed Hacks podcast to learn more about preparing for college.